Introvert, extrovert, Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, socialist, nerd, geek, odd, normal, northerner, southerner, easterner, westerner, hick, redneck, elitist, ignorant, educated, street-smart, brainiac, dunce, narcissist, empath, loser, freak, illegal, slut, ADD, ADHD, crazy, addict, gay, straight, bisexual, trans, homophobic, Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, rich, poor, fat, thin, attractive, ugly, black, white, brown, disabled, blind, deaf, sickly. ¬†People have gone crazy with labeling, kind of like the town where I live has gone nuts installing roundabouts. ¬†On some level, it probably makes it easier to explain someone else’s behavior but it also leads to judgment. Lots and lots of judgment. I’m hoping the day will come when we can look at one other without thinking we know a person because of the label we’ve attached.

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